Scrap-A-Mia 2011

The Scrappers Event of the year!

Terms and Conditions

1) All payments (including deposits, full payments and part payments) towards a place at Scrap-A-Mia 2011 are non-refundable.
2) In the unfortunate event that you are unable to attend Scrap-A-Mia 2011, you are
allowed to sell/transfer your place to another person on the condition that you have already paid Creative Moments for your place in full (i.e. £225 Early Bird Offer or £240 Easy Payment Option).
3) Creative Moments, must be notified prior to the transfer/sell of your place  to confirm you have paid for your place in full and that the place is still valid. Onee sold, Creative
Moments must be notified of the name and contact details of the new participant.
4) If places are sold/transfered to another person without full payment or prior notification to Creative Moments, the person you have sold/transfered your place to will not be allowed to attend and you will be liable for any outstanding payments.
5) Places cannot be reserved until a minimum deposit of £60 (non-redundable) has been
6) To qualify for the ‘Early Bird Offer’ of £225, you must pay for your place in full before the 31st December 2010.
7) The ‘Easy Payment Plan’ comprises of four payments of £60 that must be paid as
follows: £60 deposit upon booking, £60 by 31st January 2011, £60 by 28th February 2011 and £60 by 31st March 2011. Late bookings who wish to take advantage of the EasyPayment Plan must ensure they pay their £60 deposit and any installment which was due upto the date of booking.
8.) Failure to pay each installment by the date specified, could risk you losing your place for Scrap-A-Mia 2011. In this case, payments received prior to default will not be refunded.
9) Each of the advertised teacher’s (Dina Wakley, Michelle Jackson-Mogford, Celine Navarro and Emma Trout) have agreed to teach at Scrap-A-Mia 2011. In the extreme event, one or more of the teachers are unable to attend we shall endeavour to find substitute teachers as required. Creative Moments can not be held responsible if one of the teachers are unable to attend due to extreme circumstance.
10) As a buffet lunch is included within the price of Scrap-A-Mia 2011, it is important that we are made aware upon booking or as soon as identified any food allergies you may have.
11) For your own personal safety, we also request that you notify Creative Moments of any illnesses that you may suffer from in the unfortunate case that Medical Attention is required.
12) The majority of correspondance – including payment confirmation, unless otherwise requested, will be sent to the email address held on file for each participant.
13) Creative Moments, will ensure you are placed in the same group as anybody you pay your deposit with. If you have additional grouping requests, please notify Creative Moments as soon as possible after booking.
14) Accomodation and dinner on the Saturday evening are NOT included in the cost of Scrap-A-Mia, this is the responsibility of the participant to arrange and pay for.


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