Scrap-A-Mia 2011

The Scrappers Event of the year!

Notification List

If places sell out for Scrap-A-Mia 2011 as they did for 2010, we will be running a ‘Notification List’.

We found last year, we still had a lot of interest for places after they had sold out and that we then had a couple of places arise prior to the event due to unforeseen circumstances. This allowed us to give others who were on our list the opportunity to attend.

If you are placed on the Notification List, we will require your email address and telephone number. If we receive notification that a place is now available, we shall email all of those on the ‘notification list’. The place will then be given to the first person to respond and pay for the place. If after 24hours*, we have not had a positive responce from the people on the ‘notification list’, then we will go ahead and advertise the place to the general public (usually by means of our Scrap-A-Mia Facebook page, UKScrappers and our blog).

*Please note the only exception to this will be when a place arises after Tuesday 10th May 2011. After this time, although we will still notify the notification list, we may also advertise the place to the general public immediatly rather than waiting 24hours, due to the very short time frame until the event begins.


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